Friday, August 27, 2010

Catherine Soutullo's Story

Hi, my name is Catherine Soutullo and I live in Mobile I really would not like to live anywhere else. I was raised on a small farm were we grew just about everything we ate. I learned a great many things from my Father and Mother about life. Like how you would see a calf born and about a year or so later this same calf would be on the table for your dinner. We knew that all the animals on our farm were there to sustain us and this is how we were taught to deal with this process in life.

I have been interested in school from an early age and it was a pleasure for me to go to class. I was taken out of school in the seventh grade and did not get to graduate but, that did not stop me from furthering my education, I married when I was about sixteen and gave birth to my first child before I was seventeen and had two more children by the time I was twenty-two. I could help my children with any work they brought home because, I did not give up on learning.

Later after all my children were in school I got my GED and I graduated from Faulkner State College in May of this year with a degree in Business. I am now in the process of getting a degree in Elementary Education and I stay very busy with work for the church and teaching preschool two days a week plus I do a lot of baking for my grandchildren and this is something I love doing.