Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blogpost 5

I have listened to some videos today that are great, and I am saying this because these videos were done by third graders. I just could not see my self in the third grade doing anything this amazing. The titles of these videos are "Eagles' nest Radio." "Take a Bite Out of Shark Facts" I love the way they have incorporated sound effects into these podcast. The students are well prepared and they do not stumble over their words and their voices are very clear as they read their script. In the podcast 1-a the students are interviewing a Mr. Ward who is an expert on sharks. The student, who is asking the questions about Mr. Ward and his encounters with sharks was very direct and clear with her questions. I would like to know if all the students had a part in writing the questions? These students are very good. The next video "Totally Terrific Time Travel With Explorers" is a video were the students take us back in time to visit with some famous explorers. We will talk with Henry Hudson, Hernando De Soto and Christopher Columbus. We will learn different things about each explorer. I think the sound effects here are just great, when they take you into the vocabulary vault and how the sound echos is amazing. In the third podcast "Roamin' With The Ancient Romans" The students will take you on a trip to Ancient Rome, to visit Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and the gladiators. These students did a great job in producing these podcast.

"The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom"

Podcasting is an effective way to teach children. You know when you would tell your child something over an over but, they would forget ever thing you said. Well I have noticed my granddaughter watching Hannah Montana and when I would ask about the show she could tell me almost word for word what was said. Podcasting could do the same in the classroom for teachers.

"Podcast Collection"

This was very informative on how to podcast and it gave a list of all the things you would need to begin. You could take this video and use it to do any podcasting.
It did remind us to make sure you have permission to use any music and other things that has copyrights.

Additional Assignment #1


Google Squared helps you look at things differently. I asked a question about China being the number one English speaking country in the world, now I understand how this is possible. With China being four times larger in population than the U.S. if just over one quarter speaks English than they would have more people speaking the
English language. The educational implications with searches such as Google Squared and Wolfram Alpha, provides facts needed to help you understand and have a better judgment of certain things. Did I know about Google Squared or Wolfram Alpha before this assignment the answer is no, I will be using both of these search engines in the future and I thank you for opening this technology.

This is with Google Squared
China 1,333,370,000
India 1,103,371,000
U.S. 298,213,000

Wolfram Alpha
China 1.314
India 1.181
U.S. .311666

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Post #4

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff

I left a comment on Mr. Scott McLeod web page and this is what I wrote.
Mr. Scott McLeod
I am a student at USA taking a class in Dr. Strange EDM310. You have an unconventional way of making your point about children and the internet. Children need to be able to have computers and cell phones and be connected to the internet. I agree that children should be allowed to use certain web sites until they are older. Later when you think that they can use good judgment let them surf the web but, just keep tabs on what they do. Let your kids know that trust is built by showing that you can be trusted.

The ischool Initiative

I am very impressed with this presentation. This student knows the technology of the iphone and I agree that teachers could begin to use this technology as a pilot school with parents purchasing the phones. But I don't think the school system is prepared to make such an adjustment now or anytime in the near future. When you consider the cost of each phone and what it would cost to replace the phones if they were broken it might exceed the cost of books and other materials. I do agree that we need to find ways to help our planet but, I don't think this idea about the iphone school will be used right now.

The Lost Generation

When she first started reading the words it reminded me of what I hear some people say today. I am very pleased that young people are standing up and taking action. They are understanding that the future is in their hands. True happiness does come from within as she stated and money can supply your needs and wants but, it can not buy happiness nor true friendship. It was amazing how it all was written very original.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

I am speechless, that was beautiful! How did they bring all the videos together? I saw some with headphones were they listening and sing with the music? This Virtual Choir is wonderful I saw a glimpse of this video on WKRG5 but, to see and hear this was spectacular and this shows what the future could be like with the use of technology.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Post 3

A Vision of Students Today

I am asked to write about my reaction to this video so her goes. When the video first starts, it shows empty seats and walls that needs a coat of paint. It has a sort of an atmosphere of despair, as if to say what can I learn here, or what hope is there.

Then the students are there holding up signs and what they are saying is very true. Books are priced way to high and college is very expensive and some students that pay for these things never show up for class. When a student spends class time on other things instead of listening to their instructor and taking notes they are only cheating themselves and the person who is paying for their college expense.

If a student really wants to study and be dedicated he or she can make their college experience great.

This movie does not capture my college experience because, I see what time I have put into college as an investment in life. I have enjoyed going to college and I have met people who have enriched my experience of college. The only thing I could add to this video to make it more to my experience would be to have the students studying and to have an instructor in front of the class teaching and holding the attention of every student.
Learning should be a wonderful experience, something you should look back on and remember with joy.

It's Not About the Technology

Ms Hines, I agree that learning is not all about technology, and we as teachers must always be ready to learn new things. Technology is just a tool to be used but, it is no good in the hands of a person that can not understand how it works. We all use different types of technology such as computers, ipods and others.

But the first thing we use is our minds and the mind is an unexplored vast area, where we can do so much. To see the results of children using what you have taught is so great and this is not just in the class room but in all areas of learning.

We must treat our children as if they were a national treasure that we are investing in. Because they are our future and other generations will depend upon what they learn today. Let us teach them a better way to solve problems that we will leave with them.

Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

Mr. Fisch,

I have to agree with what you wrote, no one should be technologically illiterate. All teachers should be able to use any type of software to enhance their ability to teach.

As you said the jobs of the future will need people that are technologically literate. People should not think because they can not use technology that it is alright. because like you said it is not something to be proud about. Let us all keep learning and not stop, you are never to old to learn something new.

Watch the Social Media Count change every second when you click on this sentence.

I had no idea that things were happening so fast. Over three thousand blogs created in less than five minutes, and the videos watched on You Tube, plus all the other things that are happening right now at the same time. This is sort of mind boggling but it is fascinating also.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Post 2

Did You Know
This video had lots of information in a short period of time. Coupled with the upbeat music it held ones attention. It tells how fast technology is moving and how men are advancing in knowledge. How one country is moving in technology faster then other countries.

I would like to know why China will be the number one English speaking country in the world. How do we prepare for the future of technology? Should we change the way our children are taught? This is a question that needs considering.

Mr. Winkle

What I got out of this video is how the world has changed in the last one hundred years. We have computers for everything but, our children are still being taught as they were an hundred years ago.

With everything you do today you need to know how to work some type of computer. Just about all new machines are operated by computers and they are in our automobiles, phones and other devices we use every day so, why not in the class rooms. Our children will need the technology to move ahead with what is happening in the world. We have made progress in all areas except, in how we teach our children.

The Importance of Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson, is a wonderful speaker and I like the points he brought out about how we suppress the creativity in our children. I am all for learning the basics in school for we need to know Math, English and so forth. We also need to encourage our children to be creative. To believe in their self and what they can accomplish with the talents they have.

How do we know what they may do with these talents? Like Sir Ken Robinson stated about Gillian Lynne how she was not getting all of her school work done, and disrupting the class. But when she danced she could think and this helped her to complete the work needed. Think about what we would have missed if she would not have been allowed to dance. Another point was brought out, how today a child like Gillian Lynne would have been put on medication and by doing so what talents have been suppressed because of this. What have we lost in the world of creativity?

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis has the right idea in teaching. Our children today need to know haw to use any type of software that is available. I like the idea of being able to communicate with other students around the world. When you open doors like this you are giving children a great opportunity to experience a wonderful world in learning.

I don't see why we can not have class rooms were the students learn all subjects by using the computer. I have to say that I do love to pick up a book and read and I would not like to see books just sitting on the shelf because, in a book you can travel the world and never leave your chair. But things are changing so fast and our children need to keep up with technology as it changes.