Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Post #10

An Open Letter To Educators

We are using the model of education that should have been changed by now. Education should change to conform with the needs of the students and how the world of technology is moving. I would not drop out of school, even if all the knowledge I need is free, because this free knowledge does not come with a degree. We still know that employers want you to have a degree in the field in which you apply for and to get this degree you must attend  a college or university. 
I believe that students should be more active in their learning. To be involved will make learning more interesting and it will encourage students to do more. I have also experienced the same things while sitting through a lecture just trying to stay awake would be very hard, much less trying to comprehend what the instructor would be talking about. Some of my instructors would encourage open discussion and questions on the current subject, and it made the topic more interesting.

I have learned so much in this short time that I have been in the EDM310 class and I have really enjoyed this class even if it has been kind of stressful sometimes.

 Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

What I got out of this post is not about pencils, but about technology in school. Pencils have always been around for years and everyone uses them from the rich to the poor. Technology on the other hand is not available to everyone. Some people sees computers as a toy and not as a tool for learning. If we can teach parents and student alike that technology is the tool of today and of the future, we may get more people interested in learning. People would be surprised, by what the parents have learned from what is taught to their children at school. So we can help the students and the parents by educating them on the subject of technology.


I have dedicated my life to the service of others by always putting my fellow man ahead of my self.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Post #9

"What I've Learned This Year" By Mr. McClung
I thought that Mr. McClung's post was very enlighten on how we should conduct our selves as teachers. It is true that teachers forget sometimes that their lessons are generated toward children and not adults. Mr. McClung, is right about never having the perfect plan because most of the time something will go wrong. Communicating is very important in any line of work and we always need to work on these skills. We as teachers need to be supportive to our students and always be there to listen and support them.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2
The first part of this video was so informative with many insights into how writing as we once knew it has changed. We now use our computers instead of notepads , and we can incorporate sound with live video into a paper. Information is at our fingertips when we need it and we can publish our paper anytime. The second part of this video was phenomenal I will have to learn more concerning this digital composing. It seems that Dr. Miller is still learning about this method and I think that the future looks great.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies
The primary message in these videos are to get your work in on time and do not make excuses for everything and to be responsible for your own learning. These videos made me want to never be late and to catch up on any work that is not done at this time.

 Why Smart boards Are A Dumb Initiative and Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboard

I agree that smart boards are to expensive and we should find other ways to improve the learning techniques.
I have talked with some teachers that love their smart boards and they say it has improved the the work of the students. The argument for smart boards is located at    <a href=""> Teachers Love Smart Boards</a>       

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Additional Assignment #2

1.What do you think? If learners are motivated, can they teach themselves?
Sure they can teach themselves but, I think anyone needs a person to consult with on different things.

2. If those motivated learners are kids, can they teach themselves?
Yes but, again I will say they need someone to guide them into learning so much more.

3. What conditions are necessary for kids to teach themselves? For anyone to teach him or herself?
Give a kid something to play with and they will learn how it works. Children learn everyday by watching the people around them. Motivation will cause someone to learn.

4. What role do computers and internet access play in the process?
Computers and internet access gives people of all ages the opportunity to search out information and learn from it.

5. What role does motivation, a desire to learn?
I think motivation is one of the main tools in learning, if you can get a child motivated their knowledge will increase.

6. What roles do a problem, a question or multiple problems or questions play in the process?
Questions and problems are a big part in the process of learning with out them how could the brain be stimulated.

7.How do you motivate someone to learn?
You would need to find something that interests them and make learning exciting.

8.How are you motivated to learn?
My motivation is to complete something that I have started. It would really take too long to tell what motivates my thirst for learning. It goes back to my childhood and what I was denied.

9. Can anyone who is not motivated to learn, learn?
Yes, they may not achieve a great ability to learn but, we all learn.

10. Do you teach yourself? When? Why?
Teach my self, well that is something I have been doing all my life. When? Everyday Why? To help my self in many different things and to help others.

11. What role does a teacher (either answer generally or use a specific example) play in your learning?
My best teachers were in elementary school, I was taken out of school in the seventh grade so, I never experienced middle and high school. I have enjoyed the leadership of the Instructors at college.

12. What is the most important idea, question or emotional response you take away with you as a result of watching this video?
What has impressed me the most about this video is that children want to learn and that they are resilient and have a thirst for knowledge.

13. What other questions or issues are raised by this video that should be considered and discussed by aspiring teachers?
If these children can learn so much on their own what could they learn with the leadership from a good teacher.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch The Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

I feel like I have been blessed for having the privilege of listening to this lecture. Dr. Randy Pausch surprised me with his attitude toward life and death. Knowing that he had only a few months to live he was so full of life and he showed great concern for others. He stated that he had ten tumors in his liver and was only given three to six months to live and he stood up before an audience for over an hour and gave a great lecture.

Dr. Randy Pausch, focused on three points in his lecture and they were My Childhood Dreams, Enabling the dreams of others, Lessons Learned: how you can achieve your dreams or enable the dreams of others.

Dr. Randy Pausch, talked about his childhood dreams and he listed each one. He did not let things stop him from reaching his dreams even though he had to alter his dreams some like playing for the majors in football but, what he learned from his coach and team while playing in school stayed with him for the rest of his life.

Dr. Randy Pausch, talked about brick walls and how they help us to see if we are truly dedicated. If we run up on a brick wall we will just have to push harder to accomplish what we have set out to do and this has given me an incentive to never give up but to keep trying.

I also like the part of this lecture were he talks about learning in life how he said to always tell the truth, be earnest, apologize when you screw up and focus on others, not on yourself. He also stated that we should listen when someone corrects us and take heed to the correction and learn from what is said. This man has inspired me never to be depressed but, to love life and live each day to its fullness. Dr. Randy Pausch is a person to be remembered.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student

This video was very interesting it shows us how to help our students to learn in a more expanded way. This student showed that he could take responsibility to search and achieve the goals that he set. We need teachers to help guide us through it all and to be there for us because, we all need help at sometime or the other.

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment

Wendy, is a very well organized young lady. Instead of going to other sites on her PLE she has taken the responsibility of doing her school work instead. Wendy has a very neat blog and she does great with her projects. As Wendy has said her PLE gives her more freedom with her school work. Some students may not do as well as Wendy but, I believe they should be given the opportunity to try.

The Machine is Changing Us.

I watched this video because it was an assignment. I would have never watched it on my own. I understand that it is hard for some people to be on a video and I am one of these people. I agree that machines are changing us but, they are also making life more easy than ever.