Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2
The first part of this video was so informative with many insights into how writing as we once knew it has changed. We now use our computers instead of notepads , and we can incorporate sound with live video into a paper. Information is at our fingertips when we need it and we can publish our paper anytime. The second part of this video was phenomenal I will have to learn more concerning this digital composing. It seems that Dr. Miller is still learning about this method and I think that the future looks great.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies
The primary message in these videos are to get your work in on time and do not make excuses for everything and to be responsible for your own learning. These videos made me want to never be late and to catch up on any work that is not done at this time.

 Why Smart boards Are A Dumb Initiative and Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboard

I agree that smart boards are to expensive and we should find other ways to improve the learning techniques.
I have talked with some teachers that love their smart boards and they say it has improved the the work of the students. The argument for smart boards is located at    <a href=""> Teachers Love Smart Boards</a>       


  1. I agree about wanting to get all my work turned in on time, however that has proven to be much harder than I imagined!! I actually do like smartboards, especially for elementary students. I think in the early education years they can be very beneficial, much moreso than regular white boards. Having said that, I do understand both of these arguments agaisnt smartboards.

  2. I disagree about smart boards being dumb. I have recently used one to teach an art lesson and it was amazing. Everything I needed was right on the screen. I did not have to use a projector or go back to the computer to change the slide. All I had to do was click once and the slide changed. Smart boards may be expensive but they help you to be more organized and help you teach a lesson more effectively.

  3. Brief, but you do address the essential points.

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