Sunday, September 26, 2010

Additional Assignment #1


Google Squared helps you look at things differently. I asked a question about China being the number one English speaking country in the world, now I understand how this is possible. With China being four times larger in population than the U.S. if just over one quarter speaks English than they would have more people speaking the
English language. The educational implications with searches such as Google Squared and Wolfram Alpha, provides facts needed to help you understand and have a better judgment of certain things. Did I know about Google Squared or Wolfram Alpha before this assignment the answer is no, I will be using both of these search engines in the future and I thank you for opening this technology.

This is with Google Squared
China 1,333,370,000
India 1,103,371,000
U.S. 298,213,000

Wolfram Alpha
China 1.314
India 1.181
U.S. .311666

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