Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Post #4

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff

I left a comment on Mr. Scott McLeod web page and this is what I wrote.
Mr. Scott McLeod
I am a student at USA taking a class in Dr. Strange EDM310. You have an unconventional way of making your point about children and the internet. Children need to be able to have computers and cell phones and be connected to the internet. I agree that children should be allowed to use certain web sites until they are older. Later when you think that they can use good judgment let them surf the web but, just keep tabs on what they do. Let your kids know that trust is built by showing that you can be trusted.

The ischool Initiative

I am very impressed with this presentation. This student knows the technology of the iphone and I agree that teachers could begin to use this technology as a pilot school with parents purchasing the phones. But I don't think the school system is prepared to make such an adjustment now or anytime in the near future. When you consider the cost of each phone and what it would cost to replace the phones if they were broken it might exceed the cost of books and other materials. I do agree that we need to find ways to help our planet but, I don't think this idea about the iphone school will be used right now.

The Lost Generation

When she first started reading the words it reminded me of what I hear some people say today. I am very pleased that young people are standing up and taking action. They are understanding that the future is in their hands. True happiness does come from within as she stated and money can supply your needs and wants but, it can not buy happiness nor true friendship. It was amazing how it all was written very original.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

I am speechless, that was beautiful! How did they bring all the videos together? I saw some with headphones were they listening and sing with the music? This Virtual Choir is wonderful I saw a glimpse of this video on WKRG5 but, to see and hear this was spectacular and this shows what the future could be like with the use of technology.


  1. 3 days late. But you are posting. That's great.

    SMART Boards cost $5,000. iPod touches $199. (Travis was talking about Touches, not phones.) Labs cost a lot aas do Microsoft licenses. I could easily figure out how to save enough money to supply all kids with Touches. But schools want big technologies like SMART boards. That's because school boards make the decisins, not the kids. Some schools are changing that. You will sonn see several iPad schools. That is probably a better tool than the touch.

    Thoughtful, thorough. Keep it up!

  2. I did not know about the iPod touche but this is good information. I know that the school systen must change for the students because, our students should be prepared for the future.