Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Post 2

Did You Know
This video had lots of information in a short period of time. Coupled with the upbeat music it held ones attention. It tells how fast technology is moving and how men are advancing in knowledge. How one country is moving in technology faster then other countries.

I would like to know why China will be the number one English speaking country in the world. How do we prepare for the future of technology? Should we change the way our children are taught? This is a question that needs considering.

Mr. Winkle

What I got out of this video is how the world has changed in the last one hundred years. We have computers for everything but, our children are still being taught as they were an hundred years ago.

With everything you do today you need to know how to work some type of computer. Just about all new machines are operated by computers and they are in our automobiles, phones and other devices we use every day so, why not in the class rooms. Our children will need the technology to move ahead with what is happening in the world. We have made progress in all areas except, in how we teach our children.

The Importance of Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson, is a wonderful speaker and I like the points he brought out about how we suppress the creativity in our children. I am all for learning the basics in school for we need to know Math, English and so forth. We also need to encourage our children to be creative. To believe in their self and what they can accomplish with the talents they have.

How do we know what they may do with these talents? Like Sir Ken Robinson stated about Gillian Lynne how she was not getting all of her school work done, and disrupting the class. But when she danced she could think and this helped her to complete the work needed. Think about what we would have missed if she would not have been allowed to dance. Another point was brought out, how today a child like Gillian Lynne would have been put on medication and by doing so what talents have been suppressed because of this. What have we lost in the world of creativity?

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis has the right idea in teaching. Our children today need to know haw to use any type of software that is available. I like the idea of being able to communicate with other students around the world. When you open doors like this you are giving children a great opportunity to experience a wonderful world in learning.

I don't see why we can not have class rooms were the students learn all subjects by using the computer. I have to say that I do love to pick up a book and read and I would not like to see books just sitting on the shelf because, in a book you can travel the world and never leave your chair. But things are changing so fast and our children need to keep up with technology as it changes.


  1. Hey there Cathy!

    I was also curious about how China will be the number one English speaking country in to world, too.

    "Our children will need the technology to move ahead with what is happening in the world." I agree with that and there is so much to learn. I also think that in Vicki Davis' class, it was a little too much, though. It is fine if that was what the class was only teaching, but not that much for every class. I think a little traditional teaching is alright. I do think it is important that technology is being used in the classroom, just maybe not that.

    Good luck in this class!

  2. You have a new assignment (everybody does - it is posted on the Class Blog) which explains the statistics in Did You Know. Don't get trapped by the statistics.