Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blogpost 5

I have listened to some videos today that are great, and I am saying this because these videos were done by third graders. I just could not see my self in the third grade doing anything this amazing. The titles of these videos are "Eagles' nest Radio." "Take a Bite Out of Shark Facts" I love the way they have incorporated sound effects into these podcast. The students are well prepared and they do not stumble over their words and their voices are very clear as they read their script. In the podcast 1-a the students are interviewing a Mr. Ward who is an expert on sharks. The student, who is asking the questions about Mr. Ward and his encounters with sharks was very direct and clear with her questions. I would like to know if all the students had a part in writing the questions? These students are very good. The next video "Totally Terrific Time Travel With Explorers" is a video were the students take us back in time to visit with some famous explorers. We will talk with Henry Hudson, Hernando De Soto and Christopher Columbus. We will learn different things about each explorer. I think the sound effects here are just great, when they take you into the vocabulary vault and how the sound echos is amazing. In the third podcast "Roamin' With The Ancient Romans" The students will take you on a trip to Ancient Rome, to visit Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and the gladiators. These students did a great job in producing these podcast.

"The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom"

Podcasting is an effective way to teach children. You know when you would tell your child something over an over but, they would forget ever thing you said. Well I have noticed my granddaughter watching Hannah Montana and when I would ask about the show she could tell me almost word for word what was said. Podcasting could do the same in the classroom for teachers.

"Podcast Collection"

This was very informative on how to podcast and it gave a list of all the things you would need to begin. You could take this video and use it to do any podcasting.
It did remind us to make sure you have permission to use any music and other things that has copyrights.

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  1. It is amazing what third graders can do. But, young students are really a lot more comfortable with technology than adults. All they need is an opportunity. You and your third grade class could have done this stuff you just did not have the opportunity partly because the technology wasn't available yet. But now the technology is available and look what these kids can do with the proper guidance and coaching from a tech literate teacher. Now you are equipped to give your students these opportunities in the future. This is what EDM 310 is all about. SS